FHF- Bluephoria 2 Piece Lip Drench Kit


Hemp hydration, lip rejuvenation.

What it is: Pucker up for the ultimate lip pampering experience! Our 2-piece lip kit is your go-to for all day hydration and overnight rejuvenation.

LUSCIOUSLY SOFT LIPS OVERNIGHT: Blupehoria® Lip Drench Jelly Sleep Mask is a luxurious overnight lip treatment that deeply moisturizes and plumps for a pillowy-soft pout. Contains nourishing antioxidants, rich shea butter, plant-based candelilla wax, and FHF-grown spearmint extract – plus, replenishing niacinamide and hyaluronic acid – to restore dry, flaky lips as you sleep. Smooth on generously before bedtime for best results.

CREAMY, ZEN HYDRATION: Blupehoria® Hi-Bio® Hemp Lip Therapy is a rich and creamy formula (perfect for daytime!) that will cool, soothe and replenish your lips with long-lasting hydration. Made with a wealth of plant compounds and antioxidants from CBD, organic blue matcha, spirulina & FHF-grown spearmint extract.

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